+56 9 94980460

Service details

– Thermal insulation 100% guaranteed

– Heating firewood permanent provision

– Rooms with linen

– Bathroom with hot water at all times and providing towels

– TV

* Service does not include breakfast (see additional services)

P h o n e   C o n t a c t


Country Cod.: 56 (Chile)  Región Cod. 67 (Aysén) Nº Phone: 2431810

Cell Phone (Entel): +56 9 9498 0460

Additional Services

Patagón breakfast

Milk, tea or coffee and bottled juice

2 eggs, cheese, ham, jam, butter

Homemade bread,

Cake, Kuchen or tartlet day

From $ 4,500.- Chilean pesos per person

Lunch / Dinner (menu)

Entry - main course

Salads - Dessert




Excluding drinks

From 7,500 pesos per person (depending on the menu).

Cancellation of bookings and refunds

Notice of cancellation

15 days before the reservation date

14-7 days before the reservation date


80% of the deposit or transfer

40% of the deposit or transfer

In case of delay for reasons of force majeure (loss ferry, mechanical failure, road cut, etc.) you can contact us directly to:

a) Unreserve with a maximum of 24 hours in advance. Return: 30%.

b) Maintain the reservation. Additional: 10% of the daily value of cabin per day of delay.

In case of no show / no notice of delay, your reservation will be eliminated. Return: 15%.

Conditions of accommodation

  • Pets entering the cabins is prohibited.
  • No Smoking inside the rooms.
  • The entrance to the rooms from 12:00 PM.
  • The delivery of the cabin must be no later than 10:00 AM.
  • At the end of your stay, you should leave the keys in the door of the cabin.
  • people who do not respect the rest of the other guests are not accepted.
  • The lease of the cottage does not include maid service. If you want this service must pay an additional cost from $ 3000.- for basic and $ 5000.- for the family cabin cabin.